Waffen-SS Latvian Volunteer Arm Shield (variation)


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  • Waffen-SS Latvian Volunteer Arm Shield (variation) Obverse
  • Waffen-SS Latvian Volunteer Arm Shield (variation) Reverse

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    Obv: LATVIJA


Foreign volunteers serving with the Waffen-SS were divided into ethnically based formations, although oftentimes several ethnic groups or nationalities were combined into a single unit. Arm shields were used to identify the nationality of a unit's members and they often incorporated a nation’s flag or a relevant cultural or ethnic symbol.

The shields were worn on the upper or lower left sleeve, although eastern troops often wore the shields on the right sleeve.

Initially, many of the shields were produced locally but the manufacturing process was later standardised by the RZM. All officially produced shields were machine-embroidered and the majority were produced by the firm Tröltsch & Hanselmann, Berlin.

There are often numerous versions or patterns of a sleeve shield.

In February of 1943, Latvian volunteers and conscripts were incorporated into the Waffen-SS.

There are numerous versions of the Latvian arm shield and each is based on the Latvian national flag.

The official version of the shield was worn by members of the 15. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (Lettische Nr. 1). It may have also been worn by Latvian members of the 2. Waffen-Grenadier SS Lettische Brigade and the 19. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (Lettische No.2)


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