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There are numerous models of uniforms that were worn by members the Waffen-SS and other SS formations. The uniforms vary in both design and material, and modifications were largely based on influxes in troop numbers and the availability of material.

In July of 1940, the SS-Verfügungstruppe was officially renamed the Waffen-SS. Uniforms that were issued prior to this date will be included in the SS-Verfügungstruppe section.

The Assault Gun uniform was introduced in 1942 and was issued to the assault-gun and anti-tank personnel serving in armoured SS units.

The trousers were manufactured out of field-grey wool and the interior of the trousers is lined with either tan rayon, brown cotton-rayon, or a grey fabric. The seat of the trousers is reinforced with a thick material to increase durability and prevent wear. The trousers’ fly closes with six buttons and there is a waistband adjustment strap on each hip. On the right leg, there is an inset watch pocket with a single button. The rear of the trousers features a single flapped pocket, and each trouser leg features a tie strap to hold the trouser cuff in place around the wearer’s ankle.

The assault gun uniform was not modified in any significant way during the war. The composition and quality of the material used to manufacture the trousers may vary due to supply shortages that occurred throughout the war.

There are examples of assault gun trousers that have been modified into riding breeches. These alterations were done by the original owners and were not officially sanctioned.


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