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There are numerous models of uniforms that were worn by members the Waffen-SS and other SS formations. The uniforms vary in both design and material, and modifications were largely based on influxes in troop numbers and the availability of material.

In July of 1940, the SS-Verfügungstruppe was officially renamed the Waffen-SS. Uniforms that were issued prior to this date will be included in the SS-Verfügungstruppe section.

The M1944 uniform design was based on the need to preserve declining inventory stock and limit production time. The uniform was first agreed upon in 1943, but it was not produced and delivered to troops until 1944. This new design drastically changed the appearance of the German armed forces for the remainder of the war.

The M44 trousers were more versatile than the previously issued trousers as they could be worn with ankle boots, high boots, or with canvas gaiters. The trousers were similar in style to those worn by tank crew members, as they feature flapped pockets and a canvas belt directly sewn onto the waistband.

The M44 trousers feature front and rear pockets to compensate for the fact that the M44 tunic has only two breast pockets.

Following the occupation of Italy in 1943, the Germans confiscated large amounts of raw materials, including a wide variety of fabrics.
Officer grade uniforms, overcoats, and headgear are usually composed of Italian gabardine, while NCO/EM (Non-Commissioned Officers/Enlisted Men) uniforms are largely composed of Italian wool.


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