Freikorps Roßbach Cross, II Class


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Freikorps Roßbach was established by Leutnant Roßbach on November 16, 1918. In early 1921, Roßbach instituted an award for exceptional frontline service, the Roßbach Cross, I Class. At an unknown later date, Roßbach instituted the Roßbach Cross, II Class for sponsors and "Heimkrieger" (literally "home warriors").

The Roßbach crosses were awarded as late as November 1933. According to Roßbach himself, approximately 120 I Class crosses and 500 II Class crosses were awarded in total.
The crosses were initially manufactured by the companies of Godet and Sedlaczek (both Berlin), and later also by Stempel-Reich in Breslau.

Both I Class and II Class crosses are of the same design. The difference lies in the method of attachment to the uniform. The I Class cross generally features a pinback while the II Class cross features a ribbon ring.
The cross is enamelled in white with silvered edges. The round centre features a silvered letter "R" on black enamel. Between the cross arms are gilt deer skulls.

II Class crosses were supposed to be slightly smaller than I Class crosses, however, this is rarely the case.


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