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The Medal was originally instituted in 1947, to reward long and faithful service within public security services that supported peace within the country.

When it was re-instituted by the Hungarian People's Republic in 1951, it continued to be conferred upon members of the Police Force for long service, but it was also awarded for rendering support during the transition to a communist government. After 1952, the Medal was also conferrable upon members of the Border Forces and the Military Police.

In order for a recipient to be eligible for a higher level of award, they had to have first received the lower grade. Although, each grade of the Medal can be awarded multiple times to a single recipient.

Furthermore, the Gold Medal and Silver Medal could be conferred upon a recipient prior to their having served the necessary number of years if they performed an act of outstanding merit. Each grade of the Medal can be awarded multiple times to a single recipient.

The Medal was discontinued in 1991.

The Bronze Medal was awarded to recognize 5 years of service.

For more information see the Public Security Medal, HUN153, in the Medals & Decorations of the Republic of Hungary (1944-1949).


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