Hungarian Order of Freedom, Silver Medal


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  • Hungarian Order of Freedom, Silver Medal Obverse

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  • Country
    Hungary (Socialist)
  • Composition
    Silvered Bronze/Enamelled
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    The Hungarian Order of Freedom, Silver Medal is attibuted to Duke83 and Wikipedia at and it is published and used through the Creative Commons Attribution-Share - Alike 4.0 International Share Alike license. The image has been cropped.


This Order was re-established by the National Assembly of the Hungarian People’s Republic and based upon the Hungarian Order of Freedom founded during the Republic of Hungary (1944-1949).

The Order was re-instituted in 1957 and conferred upon Hungarian citizens who fought on the side of communism against the uprising in 1956.

The medals awarded during the Hungarian People's Republic employ the same design as those awarded from 1947-1949 during the Republic of Hungary, except they only feature the emblem of the Hungarian People's Republic and no reverse inscription.

This Silver Medal was conferred a total of 2150 times.

See the Hungarian Order of Freedom, HUN150, in the Orders of the Republic of Hungary (1944-1949) for more information.


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