Hungarian Signum Laudis Medal, Civil Division, Silver Medal


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    Rev: SIGNUM LAUDIS 1922
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This Medal was based upon the Austro-Hungarian Military Merit Medal “Signum Laudis.”

The Hungarian Signum Laudis decoration was founded by Miklos Horthy to reward Hungarian citizens and military personnel for rendering meritorious civilian and military services.

The Hungarian decorations feature the surmounting Hungarian Holy Crown, and the image of the two-armed cross of St. Stephen on the obverse medallion.

This decoration was discontinued in 1945.

The Silver Medal is worn on a green ribbon for civil awards, on a green ribbon with white and red stripes along the sides for military awards, and on a ribbon with alternating red and white stripes for life saving.

The ribbon may be decorated with clasps indicating the recipient has been awarded the medal multiple times. One clasp indicates the 2nd award, and two clasps indicates the 3rd award.

The silver and bronze medals awarded from 1939-1945 may also feature crossed swords on the ribbon to indicate direct combat with the enemy.

The addition of clasps may increase the overall cost of the medal.


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