Long Service Decorations for Officers, II Class (for Officers)


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  • Long Service Decorations for Officers, II Class (for Officers)
  • Long Service Decorations for Officers, II Class (for Officers) Reverse

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$150 USD


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    34mm x 38mm

Physical Description and Item Details

Hungary, Kingdom. A Long Service Decoration, Officer II Class, c.1930

(Szolgálati Díszérem). Instituted 1923. A leopold cross paty constructed of gilded bronze with green enamels on each arm and pebbled interior plane, the obverse centre bears a silver medallion of a crowned Hungarian shield encompassed by a wreath, the reverse is plain, measuring 34.80 mm (w) x 38.46 mm (h), weighing 16.1 g, with suspension loop on red triangular ribbon with green and white stripes, very fine.


This Decoration was based on the Long Service Decorations awarded throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with the addition of Hungarian symbols and design elements.

The crosses were awarded to Hungarian Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and non-combatants to recognize long and loyal service.

Each group of recipients was awarded the cross on a unique ribbon.

Officers have a red ribbon with thick white and green stripes along each side.

Non-Commissioned Officers have a white ribbon with a red, white, and green stripe in the centre of the ribbon, a green stripe along the left side, and a red stripe along the right side.

Non-combatants have a ribbon with a green centre with one thin red stripe in the middle and thick white and red stripes on along either side.

The II Class cross was conferred for 30 years of service from 1923-1942, and for 25 years of service from 1942-1945.


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