Order of the Holy Crown, Knight, Civil Division


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  • Order of the Holy Crown, Knight, Civil Division Obverse
  • Order of the Holy Crown, Knight, Civil Division Obverse

Estimated market value:

$200+ USD


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    Silver gilt/Enamelled
  • Inscription
    Rev: 1942
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    This image is attributed to Dorotheum GmbH & Co, Lot Number 3383, Auction Date May 23 2018. For more information see the following page https://www.dorotheum.com/en/l/5193959/


This Order was founded by Admiral Horthy in 1943, but it was not officially recognized until 1943.

It was conferred upon foreign citizens in recognition of combat and planning aid during wartime, and for meritorious civil and military services that furthered the aims of Hungary.

This Order was awarded in two main versions the Civil Division and the Military Division.

The Military Division awards were conferred upon military personnel with crossed swords between the cross arms, but they could also be awarded with an additional laurel wreath for war services called the War Decoration. The War Decoration wreath was also added between the cross arms.

The Civil Division awards were conferred without crossed swords or a laurel wreath between the cross arms.


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