Civil Merit Order of St. Louis, Grand Cross Breast Star


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  • Civil Merit Order of St. Louis, Grand Cross Breast StarObverse
  • Civil Merit Order of St. Louis, Grand Cross Breast Star Reverse

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(Ordre Royal de Saint-Louis). Instituted 1849. A delicately hand filed silver star with stylized 18k Gold cross affixed by four prongs, finely executed white enamels with centre applique depicting Gold St.Louis on red enamel background, blue enamel surround with motto DEUS ET DIES, reverse with central pin assembly, hallmarked on both pin and catch with boars head denoting French manufacture and small silver guarantee (1838+), measuring 62 mm (w) x 62 mm (h), with minor white enamel loss, otherwise extremely fine and rare.


The Civil Merit Order of St. Louis was initially founded in the Duchy of Lucca in 1836 by Charles Louise (Charles II). His son, Charles III Duke of Parma, revived the Order at Parma, on August 11, 1849, as an award of merit.

The Parma branch of the Order was expanded to reward extraordinary merit within civil services and have five grades.

Membership to the Order was primarily restricted to noble Catholics but was open to Protestants in cases of extreme merit.

When a non-noble became the recipient of the Grand Cross or Commander grades they were bestowed with hereditary nobility. If they were the recipient of the I Class or II Class Knight grade, they were only granted with personal nobility that was withdrawn following their death.

The Grand Master of the Order, who was always the Duke of Parma, was the only member of the Order who was permitted to add brilliants to their awards.

The maximum membership numbers for each grade excluded reigning princes and foreigners.

The Grand Cross and Grand Cross Breast Star were restricted to a maximum of 20 members.

The Grand Cross Breast Star is also known as the I Class Breast Star.

See the Civil Merit Order of St. Louis, in the Orders of the Duchy of Lucca for more information.


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