Commemorative Cross for Peace Missions


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This Cross was founded to reward Italian military and civilian personnel in the Armed Forces and the Italian Red Cross, who participate in international peacekeeping missions, such as for the United Nations. It was originally established to recognize service in missions within the Sinai and Lebanon, but in 1984 it was expanded to include all other international missions for the United Nations, and in 1986 it was amended again to recognize all missions the extended beyond the boundaries of Italy.

The Cross may be awarded multiple times for service in several missions. Each additional awarding is recognized with the addition of a star to the ribbon. The second mission is represented by a single bronze coloured star, the third mission is represented by two bronze coloured stars, and three or more missions are represented by a single silver coloured star. The ribbon may also feature clasps denoting the name of the region/country in which the recipient served in an international peacekeeping mission.


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