Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Grand Cross Breast Star

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  • Grand Cross Breast Star Obverse
  • Grand Cross Breast Star Reverse


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    January 23, 1961
  • makers
    Arthus-Bertrand, Paris; Artec, Merscheid
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The Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was established by Grand Duchess Charlotte by Grand Ducal Decree on January 23, 1961. It was created to fill a gap in the Orders of Luxembourg because, until this point, there had been insufficient opportunity to confer Luxembourgian orders in recognition of merit. Both the Order of the Golden Lion of the House of Nassau and the Order of Civil and Military Merit of Adolph of Nassau were rarely conferred, and the onus had been deferred to the Order of the Oak Crown.

The Order is conferred upon Luxembourgian citizens and foreigners for meritorious contributions to the Grand Duchy in the arts, the sciences, and literature, as well as for long service with the same employer. The awards are required to be returned following the death of a member or following their promotion to a higher grade.

There may be additional versions of the Grand Cross Breast Star that differ in composition.


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    Silver gilt/Enamelled

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