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The Star for Loyalty and Merit was established by the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies as a replacement for the Medal for Civil Merit. The native citizens did not place as much value on round medals as they did on stars, and thus the former Medal was replaced by the Star. It was permanently discontinued in 1962.

The Star for Loyalty and Merit was awarded to native citizens for a variety of merits.

There are two versions of the Bronze Star that differ in composition. From 1893-1894, the Bronze Star did not feature enamel but did from 1894-1962. Both versions feature a reverse inscription that translates to "Loyalty and Merit."

From 1893-1945, the Bronze Star was awarded on a blue ribbon with a wide yellow stripe, and from 1945-1962, it was awarded on a solid blue ribbon with 1 wavy yellow stripe.

There may be additional versions that vary in size.


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