Order of the Union, Type I, Grand Order


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    Decoration was to be worn on a wide sky-blue watered ribbon, which will be worn as an echarpe from the right to the left, and a breast star in the shape of a 'golden Plate, with nine Points [...] on the same Plate, a swimming Lion with the motto Luctor et Emergo.' However, the Grand Order of the Union would never be awarded.


The Order of the Union was established by Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, King of Holland, in 1806. It underwent a number of name and design changes in its short 5-year lifespan.

The Grand Order of the Union, was founded on December 12, 1806, along with a sister order, the Order of Merit. Both orders were abolished on February 14, 1807, and replaced by the Royal Order of Holland.

The Grand Order of the Union decorations were designed by Jean-Baptiste Isabey, although it is uncertain if any examples were ever produced because no appointments were ever made to the Order. The design included an inscription that translates to “I Struggle, and I Emerge,” and a pale blue ribbon.


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