Gwalior Star (for the Battle of Punniar)


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  • Gwalior Star (for the Battle of Punniar)
  • Gwalior Star (for the Battle of Punniar)

Estimated market value:

$800-1500 USD


  • Country
    Great Britain
  • Makers
    Calcutta Mint, Calcutta
  • Composition
  • Inscription
    Obv: PUNNIAR 1843 29TH DECR
  • Size


The Gwalior Star was established by General Order on January 4, 1844. It was awarded to the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and enlisted men of the British Army and Honourable East India Company Army who served in the Gwalior Campaign in December 1843.

The Medal was awarded in two versions for service under General Sir Hugh Gough at the Battle of Maharajpoor, and under Major-General Grey at the Battle of Punniar. These versions differ in obverse inscription.

The star itself was manufactured from the bronze of guns captured in the campaign. It was originally intended to be worn like a breast star and was manufactured with two hooks on the reverse, however, most recipients added a bar suspension to their stars in order to render them wearable.

There may be additional versions of the Medal that differ in size.


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