East and West Africa Medal, Silver Medal (with "1897-98" clasp)


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  • Silver Medal (with "1897-98" clasp) Obverse
  • Silver Medal (with "1897-98" clasp) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$275-550 USD


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    Great Britain
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    The Silver Medal (with "1897-98" clasp) is stamped "L.C. WYON."


The East and West Africa Medal was established on November 1, 1892. It was awarded to Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and enlisted men of the British Army, as well as Officers and enlisted men of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines in recognition of service in military campaigns in Africa from 1895-1896. It was also awarded to African and Indian troops, in which case it was awarded in bronze.

Every campaign was recognized by a clasp worn on the ribbon - except for the M'wele Campaign from 1895-1896 which was awarded without a clasp and dedicated with an engraving on the rim. Multiple clasps could be awarded to the same recipient, with 7 clasps being the most awarded to one recipient. The following 21 clasps were officially awarded:

1. “1887-8”
2. “WITU 1890”
3. “1891-2”
4. “1892”
5. “WITU AUGUST 1893”
6. “LIWONDI 1893”
7. “JUBA RIVER 1893”
8. “LAKE NYASSA 1893”
9. “1893-94”
10. “GAMBIA 1894”
11. “BENIN RIVER 1894”
12. “BRASS RIVER 1895”
13. “1896-98”
14. “NIGER 1897”
15. “BENIN 1897”
16. “DAWKITA 1897”
17. “1897-98”
18. “1898”
19. “SIERRA LEONE 1898-99”
20. “1899”
21. “1900”

Recipients of the Ashantee Medal (1873) who served in additional African campaigns were not awarded the East and West Africa Medal but were instead awarded with appropriate bars for further service in East and West Africa.

All medals were issued named, but a number of different naming styles were used. There may be additional versions that differ by the inscription.


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