Miniature Sierra Leone General Service Medal (with "CONGO" clasp)

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  • Miniature Bronze Medal (with "CONGO" clasp) Obverse
  • Miniature Bronze Medal (with "CONGO" clasp) Reverse
  • Miniature Bronze Medal (with "CONGO" clasp) Clasp Detail

Estimated market value:

$40-85 USD


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    Great Britain
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    The Bronze Medal and Miniature Bronze Medal (with "CONGO" clasp) images are courtesy of Medal-Medaille. See the following pages for more detail:;


The Sierra Leone General Service Medal was established in 1965 as an award for service fighting in minor campaigns and operations in Sierra Leone and neighbouring countries. The Bronze Medal was awarded to British personnel on assignment to the Royal Sierra Leone Military Forces who did not qualify for another general service medal for the same service. British troops who served in the Congo between January 26, 1962, and February 28, 1963, were eligible for the award of the Medal.

The clasp "CONGO" is authorized for award with the Medal.


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