Distinguished Service Cross (1914-1937)


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The Distinguished Service Cross was established as the Conspicuous Service Cross in 1901. Its name was later changed to the Distinguished Service Cross in 1914 and has since undergone a number of amendments.

It was originally awarded to Warrant Officers and Subordinate Officers of the Royal Navy, who were ineligible to receive the Distinguished Service Order, in recognition of meritorious service in combat at sea. It was amended for the first time in 1914 when it was extended to commissioned Officers below the rank of Lieutenant-Commander. In 1931, it was extended to Officers of the Merchant Navy, and in 1931, it was extended to equivalent ranks of Lieutenant-Commander. Beginning in 1940, it could be awarded to members of the Army and Royal Air Force who served alongside members of the Royal Navy at sea. Since 1993, it has been open to all ranks of the Royal Navy as well as qualified members of the Army and Royal Air Force.

The Cross may be awarded multiple times to the same recipient, in which case a silver bar clasp is worn on the ribbon to denote each additional award. Recipients are entitled to use the post-nominal letters DSC (and previously, CSC). It may also be awarded to foreign Officers, but only as an honorary decoration.

There are many different versions of the Cross that differ in the royal cypher of the Sovereign in the obverse medallion. There may be additional versions that differ in size.


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