Imperial Service Medal, Type II, (1953-1954)


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The Imperial Service Medal was established by King Edward VII in 1902. The Medal is associated with the Imperial Service Order that was established by the same Royal Warrant.

The Medal is awarded to members of the Civil Service in recognition of long and meritorious service in the United Kingdom and abroad but who did not qualify for the Imperial Service Order. It is awarded for 25 years of service in the United Kingdom, 20 years of service in India, and 16 years of service in other tropical countries.

The Medal is classified into two types based on changes in design. Type I medals resemble the decorations of the Imperial Service Order but differ in composition. Type I medals awarded to men feature a medallion on a star while Type I medals awarded to women feature a medallion on a laurel wreath. Type II medals are circular and feature the portrait of the reigning monarch.

The Medal is worn by Men on a ribbon on the left breast and by women on a bow on the left shoulder.


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