Army Best Shot Medal (with Queen Victoria effigy, with silver, 1973)


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  • Medal (with Queen Victoria effigy, 1973) Obverse
  • Medal (with Queen Victoria effigy, 1973) Reverse

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    Great Britain
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    This version is rare. The obverse effigy was designed by L.C. Wyon and is stamped "L.C. WYON."
  • Image Licensing
    The Medals (with Queen Victoria effigy, 1973), (with Queen Elizabeth II effigy, 1952-1953), and (with Queen Elizabeth II effigy, 1953-) images are attributed to the British Government (c. 1869-1953) and Andre Kritzinger at Wikipedia and are in the Public Domain. See the following pages for more information:;;;


The Army Best Shot Medal was instituted by Queen Victoria by Royal Warrant on April 30, 1869. The Medal, also known as the "Queen's Medal," was awarded annually to the champion of the army's marksmanship competition. The Medal was initially issued in bronze up until 1872 when thereafter it was awarded in Silver. It is uncertain how many bronze Medals were awarded, but it is estimated that 13 Silver Medals were awarded until the award ceased in 1882. The Medal was reinstituted by King George V in 1923 and was extended to army personnel of the Commonwealth. The Medal was also expanded to both the regular and the territorial armies in 1935. The Medal became known as the "King's Medal" until 1953 when it was referred to as the "Queen's Medal" once again following the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Beginning in 1923, a clasp inscribed with the year of the award was issued with the Medal. Additional clasps were awarded to denote subsequent awards.

There are multiple versions of the Medal which differ by the obverse effigy of the reigning monarch.

There may be additional versions of the Medal.


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