The Royal Family Order, Member (1820-1830)


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  • Country
    Great Britain
  • Composition
    Silver-gilt/ Diamonds/ Enamelled
  • Version Remarks
    This version was awarded by King George IV features a blue ribbon.


The Royal Family Order was established by King George IV in 1820 as a personal gift of the sovereign. The Order is conferred upon the Queen and female relatives of the reigning monarch. The Order fell into desuetude during the reign of King William IV and a separate Royal Order of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert was instituted by Queen Victoria in 1862. The Royal Family Order was revived by King Edward VII in 1902 and has since been continued by each successive sovereign, asides for King Edward VIII.

The Member is worn on the left shoulder by a bow.

There are multiple versions of the Member which differ according to the obverse portrait of the reigning monarch and ribbon. Special badges were also presented to ladies in waiting, however, these are not featured here.


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