German Army General's Old Style White Summer Tunic


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The White Summer Tunic was worn by officers and generals. It was allowed only during summer (April 1 to September 30) and when the weather permitted it. It was worn as a walking-out uniform, a dress uniform, and at sporting events. The tunic was usually made out of cotton.

The tunic in the old style was of the same design as the Old Style Service Tunic, with a few notable differences. It has a stand-up collar and was worn closed at the neck, with no insignia on the collar. There are two box-pleated patch breast pockets and another two patched-on slanted hip pockets with pleats. The pocket flaps have one button each, and the tunic has six buttons down the front, although rarely eight buttons have been encountered as well. All the buttons are silver-coloured. The tunic has no cuff turn-backs.

The new style tunic was introduced on July 9, 1937, but it was still allowed to wear the old style tunic for some time. It has a high neck turn-down collar and eight buttons down the front. As per regulations, no collar tabs were worn with this uniform, it is known that there were exceptions. The two breast pockets and two hip pockets are patch pockets with pleats. The hip pockets have rounded or slanted lower corners. All pockets have scalloped flaps. Each pocket is closed by one button. The tunic has two buttons in the back at waist level of the jacket’s vented tail. All buttons are silver-coloured, except for general ranks which had gilt buttons. The cuffs are of the deep turn-back style.


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