DAF 2nd Pattern Frauenamt Orts-Walterin Lapel Badge


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    The image of the DAF 2nd Pattern Frauenamt Orts-Walterin Lapel Badge is attributed to John R. Angolia and David Littlejohn from their book “Labor Organizations of the Reich”.


The DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront = German Labour Front) was the result of a forced association of all German trade unions, established on May 10, 1933. Its purpose was the coordination and control of all aspects of German labour to serve the interests of the NSDAP. The DAF leader was Reichsleiter Robert Ley.

Women in the Frauenamt (Women’s Section) of the DAF wore lapel badges that indicated rank. These were introduced in 1937. A second pattern was introduced in 1938.

The ranks of the second pattern are either part of a Betriebsgemeinschaft (factory community = factory floor level) or a Frauenamt (women’s section = administrative or office-worker level).

The badges were initially made of nickel, silver, and zinc. With the outbreak of the war this changed to nickel and copper with a silver plate overlay. All have an official RZM (Reichszeugmeisterei) mark and an authorization number on the reverse.

A Walterin (female official) at Ort (local) level in the Frauenamt (Women’s Section) wore a black downward pointing triangle with a blue inner border and an outer border of silver-coloured oak leaves, as well as a silver-coloured DAF emblem.


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