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In general, the uniforms of the male Hitler Youth members consisted of a top, a neckerchief and woggle – but a tie for officers –, bottoms, a belt, knee socks, and shoes or boots.

The winter service trousers (Winterdiensthose) were worn since 1933 by all non-officers and non-leaders of the Hitler Youth during the winter months between October 15 and April 14. There were two versions, a light brown or khaki and later a black one.

Even though they are referred to as trousers, they were actually light brown breeches, and had two front slash buttoned pockets, as well as a concealed rear buttoned pocket on the right side. In addition, some came with a concealed watch-pocket on the right front. They had belt loops, and were made of polished cotton or corduroy.

Members of the Motorized HJ, Aviation HJ, Equestrian HJ, and the Pioneer-HJ wore them in black.

A regulation from April 4, 1935, stated that starting on January 1, 1936, the trousers were to be black and made of corduroy.

Members of the National Socialist German Students League (NSDStB) wore dark blue breeches.

A new set of trousers was introduced with the new winter uniform on October 15, 1937. Presumably the Winderdiensthose was discontinued.


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