HJ Volunteer Firefighter Service Tunic Tunic (1942 version)


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Prior to 1939, boys of the Hitler Youth serving as volunteer firefighters wore the standard HJ uniform. In a regulation from June 30, 1939 they were given their own uniforms, which was worn by all volunteer firefighters.

There are two versions, one from 1939 and one from 1942.

The 1939 tunic is of standard Prussian blue colour and has a fall-down collar. It features four pockets, two pleated breast pockets and two concealed slash hip pockets, all with a buttoned flap. The cuffs are of the turn-up kind, and there are eight pebbled silver-coloured buttons on the front. Collar, cuff tops, and tunic edge are all piped in carmine.

A regulation from July 10, 1942 introduced a new tunic. It remained largely the same, but is of olive brown colour and has a black or dark brown collar. The lapel is olive brown.

The buttons differ as well. This new tunic has four concealed buttons on the front and one under the right collar, so the lapel can be closed. Additionally, a black metal hook and eye on the collar can be used to close it, too. This tunic was worn with a brown shirt and black tie.


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