Kriegsmarine Regimental Commander Flag


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    The image of the Kriegsmarine Regimental Commander Flag is attributed to Fornax and Wikipedia at The image is published and used under § 5 Abs. 1 of the German copyright law, wherein official works like coats of arms or flags are in the public domain.


The design of the Kriegsmarine flags and pennants was based upon those utilized in the Imperial Navy (Kaiserliche Marine).

The main types of Kriegsmarine flags were command and rank flags and pennants, and service pennants. These flags and pennants were only permitted for use by high-ranking Kriegsmarine personnel, such as Admirals and Officers, or Officials holding an equivalent rank. They were displayed on the front or rear of Kriegsmarine vehicles, depending on the type of flag or pennant, and tended to be held immobile in a frame and covered in transparent plastic for protection.

The Regimental Commander Flag was utilized as a command identifier, and it was flown on the left side of a vehicle. This flag is divided into three sections that are coloured black, white, and black (from top to bottom), and features an unfouled yellow-coloured anchor in the centre.


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