Kriegsmarine Soldier of the Air Protection Guard Personnel Armband


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    The image of the Kriegsmarine Soldier of the Air Protection Guard Personnel Armband is attributed to John R. Angolia and Adolf Schlicht from their book "Die Kriegsmarine - Uniforms & Traditions, Volume 3".


The headgear, uniforms, and insignia worn by members of the Kriegsmarine were based upon the designs utilized by the Kaiserliche Marine and the Reichsmarine. The official regulations governing the uniforms of the Reichsmarine were issued on April 5, 1921, and they were embraced, with a few alterations, as the Kriegsmarine uniforms in 1935.

These armbands were worn by personnel within all branches of the Third Reich Armed Forces, and they were meant to indicate the wearer’s duty specific position or function. The official regulations stated that the armbands should be worn on the upper left sleeve of outer garment layers, but there are many documented instances of personnel wearing the armband on the right sleeve.

While the majority of armbands were machine-woven, they were also produced via machine-embroidery, hand-sewing, or printing. The armbands were often stamped on the reverse with the issuing office's or unit's seal.

The Air Protection of the Navy Armbands were worn by Kriegsmarine personnel who were members of land installations/units.

The Soldier of the Air Protection Guard Armbands are composed of blue cloth, ranging from dark to light in shade, and with an “O” in white, machine-woven (BeVo) thread. There are also examples of this armband that feature a sewn-on “O”.


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