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    The image of the Kriegsmarine Afrikakorps Cuff Title is attributed to John R. Angolia and Adolf Schlicht from their book "Die Kriegsmarine - Uniforms & Traditions, Volume 1".


The headgear, uniforms, and insignia worn by members of the Kriegsmarine were based upon the designs utilized by the Kaiserliche Marine and the Reichsmarine. The official regulations governing the uniforms of the Reichsmarine were issued on April 5, 1921, and they were embraced, with a few alterations, as the Kriegsmarine uniforms in 1935. New guidelines concerning rank insignia were issued in 1936.

The “AFRIKAKORPS” Cuff Titles are Heer insignia that were worn by Kriegsmarine personnel who served alongside the Heer units in North Africa, primarily the Afrikakorps and the Armor Group Africa. While it was instituted in July 1941, the associated Kriegsmarine units were not allowed to wear the Heer cuff title until November 1941.

The cuff title is composed of the band, the “AFRIKAKORPS” inscription, the embroidered border and the cloth border. The cloth of the cuff title is green, the inscription is machine-woven with silver (aluminum) thread, the embroidered border made from silver (aluminum) thread, and the cloth border is composed of khaki coloured cloth.


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