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In the early days of the organisation, uniforms were only loosely based on a general common pattern. Standardisation was achieved in 1933 in a regulation from August 10.

The Jacket Vest was first mentioned in that regulation. It was worn by both members of the BDM and the JM organisation (Jungmädel, Young Girls).

A regulation from October 10, 1933 described it further. It is light brown, with five or six brown buttons at the front, depending on the size of the wearer. It is buttoned on the left side, a characteristic of female garments.
It has two unpleated breast pockets and two waist pockets with buttoned flaps, a fall-down collar with open lapels, a tightening strap at the cuffs with two brown buttons, and two waist straps at the rear sides.

There was also a blue version that was only worn with the ski uniform.

The vest is also known as "Kletterjacke".

A cloth HJ diamond insignia was worn on the upper left arm, directly below the district triangle. A metal HJ diamond was also worn on the left breast pocket. For more information on the HJ diamond insignia, please refer to the HJ Uniform Insignia section.


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