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The German Wehrmacht was composed of three main branches, the Heer, the Kriegsmarine, and the Luftwaffe. The Heer and Kriegsmarine uniforms were based upon the designs utilized by their predecessor organizations, the Deutsches Heer and the Kaiserliche Marine. Conversely, the Luftwaffe uniforms were based upon the uniforms worn in the sports and para-military organizations that were the forerunners of the Luftwaffe. The Luftwaffe uniforms were specifically designed to deviate from the designs of the other Wehrmacht service branches. It was also necessary that the uniforms differentiate between military and civilian pilots.

The ankle boots were introduced for wear to Luftwaffe personnel with the explicit purpose of conserving the Wehrmacht’s leather supplies. These boots were worn by Enlisted Men and Non-Commissioned Officers. They share the same general design as Luftwaffe marching boots, wherein they are composed of blackened leather with studded soles and steel tips. The ankle boots were usually worn alongside canvas gaiters.

Also, like the marching boots, the ankle boots were permitted for wear with the service dress, field dress, parade dress, and reporting dress.

The shoe size and manufacturer may be stamped into the interior leather sections, or stamped on a tag which was sewn into interior cloth lining.


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