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The uniforms, headgear, and insignia of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP) went through several design changes from 1933 until the end of the Second World War. Dr. Ley, originally the Gauleiter of Rheinland and later promoted to the position of chief of staff of Party Organization and Reich Organization Leader, was largely responsible for the NSDAP rank system and uniforms.

The standardized production and circulation of all NSDAP uniform garments, headgear, and insignia were overseen by the National Material Control Office (RZM or Reichszeugmeisterei). The RZM was created in July 1934, and it was located in Munich. From 1935 onward, all NSDAP uniform garments and insignia were legally required to feature an RZM control mark or tag, as well as a number mark on metal insignia or belt buckles. These marks indicate the authenticity of the object, the type of insignia or garment, and identify the manufacturer.

The style of the NSDAP uniforms was initially based upon the castoffs of the tropical uniform that were used by the German Army during the First World War. While these brown shirts and trousers were worn by NSDAP members prior to the standardization of the NSDAP uniform, their general design was mirrored in the final NSDAP uniform designs.

The dress tunic is double-breasted and composed of brown coloured material. There are rare versions of the dress tunic that were made from white fabric for wear during the summer months.

The collar is piped according to the wearer's rank level. Piping colours before 1939 include yellow for Reichsleitung level (national), red for Gauleitung level (larger district (Gau) level), black for Kreisleitung (district level), and light blue for Ortsgruppenleitung (local level). In 1939, this was changed to golden-yellow for Reichsleitung level, dark red for Gauleitung level, white for Kreisleitung level, and light blue for Ortsgruppenleitung level.

The tunic features two hip pockets, six buttons along the front seam, two buttons on the bottom of each sleeve, an RZM tag, and several types of rank insignia.

The buttons on these tunics are gold-coloured (gilt) and feature the image of the NSDAP national emblem eagle. For the front closure, the six buttons are located in two vertical lines on either front panel.

The hip pockets are slash pockets, and each pocket is closed by a rectangular flap with a single button.

The RZM label is generally located along the tunic’s neck section.


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