SS-TV NSKK NCO/EM Trade Insignia


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  • SS-TV NSKK NCO/EM Trade Insignia Obverse

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    The image is attributed to John R. Angolia from his book "Cloth Insignia of the SS".


In March of 1933, the SS-Wachverbände (SS-Guard Units) were instituted to administer the concentration camps of the Third Reich. In 1936, the administrative and guard units of the SS-Wachverbände were re-designated as the SS-Totenkopfverbände.

In April of 1933, SS-Totenkopfverbände personnel were issued trade insignia to identify which section of the SS they served with. They were worn on the lower left sleeve above the cuff title.

On 13 December 1939, trade insignia were introduced for members of the NSKK who had volunteered to serve in SS-TV units. The insignia was embroidered with an eagle on top of a wheel. The eagle is clasping an enwreathed swastika in its talons.


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