National Youth Sports Badge, Type I, for Girls (in cloth)


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The Badge was instituted in 1925, before the Nazi’s accession to power in 1933, and was made an official decoration of the Nazi Party in 1935.

The Badge was awarded to male and female youth under the age of 18 for passing five tests of physical fitness within a 12 month period.

The tests consisted of high or long jump, swimming, marching, speed testing in swimming or cycling, and shot put. The tests were designed to prepare young adults for the adult sporting tests that they would have to complete later in life.

The Badge was discontinued in 1942, as it overlapped with many Hitler Youth badges, which by that time, covered the entire area of sport and physical training.

The badge for boys is a stickpin, while the badge for girls has a horizontal pin.

The Type I badges do not have a swastika on the obverse.


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