Anhalt Labour Service Commemorative Badge, in Silver (1932)


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  • in Silver (1932) Obverse
  • in Silver (1932) Reverse

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$1600 USD


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    Obv: 1932
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Silver Grade - In silvered gray non-magnetic metal, 46.05x46.0mm, in extremely fine condition; a very scarce award.


The Anhalt Labour Service Commemorative Badge was established by the Anhalt state government on September 30, 1933, to commemorate the Anhalt Arbeitsdienst (Anhalt Labour Service or AAD), which was the first Nazi-run labour service camp to be recognised as a state institution in Germany. In July of 1931, the Anhalt state government passed a law authorising the establishment of labour camps as a measure to prevent and combat unemployment. The first camp was established at Hammerstein in Grenzmark in January 1932.

There are two versions of the badge, one with the date “1932”, and one without a date. Both versions of the badge feature three grades: gilt, silver and steel (grey metal).

The Badge with “1932” was conferred upon individuals who had served in the AAD since its inception.

The Badge without a date was conferred upon individuals who joined the AAD after 1932.

The grade of the Badge awarded depended on the rank of the recipient.


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