Anti-Partisan Badge, in Gold with Diamonds


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  • Country
  • Makers
    C. E. Juncker, Berlin
  • Composition
    Silver gilt/Diamonds
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The Anti-Partisan Badge was instituted by Adolf Hitler on January 30, 1944, and conferred upon individuals who displayed courage while combating partisan forces behind German Lines. The combating of such forces was originally handled by the Army, but following the appointment of General von dem Bach-Zelewski as the Chief of Anti-Partisan Warfare, the task was taken over by the SS. The Badge could be conferred upon all members of anti-partisan units, not just members of the SS.

The Badge was conferred in three grades, bronze for 20 days of active service, silver for 50 days of active service, and gold for 100 days of active service. The definition of active service varied between the branches of the armed forces. For members of the infantry, active service was defined as every day that a partisan was encountered and engaged with in close combat. For anti-aircraft units, active service was defined as every day that the unit was involved in combat with a partisan/partisan group. For the Luftwaffe, the Badge grades were awarded for 30, 75, and 150 operational sorties. If an enemy aircraft was shot down, this counted for 3 sorties.

In October of 1944, naval personnel were added to the list possible recipients for the Badge.

The Gold Badge with Diamonds was a special grade produced by C. E. Juncker. Gold Badges with Diamonds are hand-made and of high quality. Contrary to regular Juncker badges, they don’t feature a semi-hollow reverse, but a flat back. Only two examples are known to exist so far, the so-called “G.I.” badge and the “K” badge. The “G.I.” badge features eight diamonds, four on the sword hilt and four around the sunwheel. The “K” badge features 25 diamonds, all on the sunwheel.


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