Blockade Runner Badge, by P. Meybauer


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Estimated market value:

$400 USD


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    Blackened Tombac/Silvered Tombac
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The Blockade Runner Badge was instituted by Adolf Hitler on April 1, 1941, and was conferred upon sailors of merchant ships who successfully brought their vessels through the enemy blockade and safely into a friendly port. Under special circumstances, it could also be awarded to sailors of ships that were sunk by the enemy. The badge recognised the bravery of sailors and the crucial role they played in strengthening Germany’s economic ability to wage war.

Initially, the badge was awarded as a civil decoration only, but as of December 5, 1942 soldiers of the Kriegsmarine were also eligible.

The badge was designed by Otto Placzeck in Berlin. The eagle is often silvered, while the chain and ship are usually blackened.

Badges by Meybauer are unmarked. They are attributed to the company due to the hardware used. Badges are made of tombac. It is possible that this maker also produced badges in zinc.


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