DRL Pin for Athletics, in Gold


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  • DRL Pin for Athletics, in Gold Obverse

Estimated market value:

$350 USD


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    Bronze gilt
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DRL Sport Badge Stickpin (bronze gilt, maker marked "WERNSTEIN JENA", 14 mm x 17.2 mm, on 58.5 mm pin);


The DRL Sports Badge was initially introduced in 1913 by the Deutscher Reichs Ausschuß für Tauglichkeit (DRA) in two grades, Bronze and Gold. The Badge was conferred upon men who successfully completed the national physical fitness exam. In 1920, a silver grade was introduced, and as of 1921, women were also eligible to receive the decoration. The first version of the badge features the initials of “DRA”.

In 1933, the DRL (Deutscher Reichsbund für Leibesübungen) became to regulate the national physical fitness exam. To reflect the name of the organisation, the second version of the badge featured the initials “DRL” on the obverse. In 1937, a swastika was added to the obverse of the badge.

The Gold Badge was conferred upon individuals who had received the Silver Badge and continued to pass the test for 7 consecutive years thereafter or upon individuals over the age of 40 who passed the test once within a period of 12 months. The tests included: swimming, running, jumping, speed tests and weight throwing. Men and women had to complete different exercises within these categories.

Beginning in 1938, the Gold Badge was also composed of brass gilt. There are also examples from around 1934, which were produced from zinc.


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