Destroyer War Badge, by W. Hobacher


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  • Destroyer War Badge, by W. Hobacher Obverse
  • Destroyer War Badge, by W. Hobacher Reverse
  • Destroyer War Badge, by W. Hobacher Obverse
  • Destroyer War Badge, by W. Hobacher Reverse
  • Destroyer War Badge, by W. Hobacher Detail

Estimated market value:

$375 USD


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    Zinc gilt/Silvered Zinc
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(Zestörerkriegsabzeichen). Instituted on 4 July 1940 by Dr. h.c. Erich Raeder. A Destroyer War Badge constructed of gilded and silvered zink, composed of an oak leaf wreath with a German national eagle clutching a mobile swastika at the top, depicting a side-view of a destroyer cutting through a wave, with the bow of the ship extending over the wreath, reverse presents a soldered sheet metal hinge, missing catch, and vertical pin, maker marked WH for Wilhelm Hobacher, measuring 45.38 mm (w) x 54.29 mm (h), weighing 23.10 grams, and in near extremely fine condition.


The Destroyer War Badge was instituted by Grand Admiral Erich Raeder on June 4, 1940, and was conferred in recognition of the service rendered by the crew members of destroyers, torpedo boats, and fast attack crafts. It was also meant to commemorate the lost men and ships of the Battle of Narvik, sunk by the British during the German conquering of Norway.

In order to be eligible for the award, an individual had to either participate in three engagements with enemy forces, or serve in twelve missions during which the enemy was not encountered. The badge could be awarded if a single engagement was very successful, or an individual had been wounded or had served on a ship that was sunk by the enemy. The badge was conferred upon all destroyer crews who participated in the Battle of Narvik.

The badge was designed by Paul Casberg in Berlin. The wreath and eagle is gilded, while the destroyer and the waves are silvered. Badges can have the hardware arranged vertically or horizontally.

Badges by Hobacher are marked “W. H.”. Badges are made of zinc.


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