Gau Honour Badge Sudetenland


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  • Gau Honour Badge Sudetenland Obverse
  • Gau Honour Badge Sudetenland Reverse
  • Gau Honour Badge Sudetenland Obverse
  • Gau Honour Badge Sudetenland Reverse
  • Gau Honour Badge Sudetenland Reverse Detail
  • Gau Honour Badge Sudetenland Reverse Detail

Estimated market value:

$4500 USD


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An extremely rare and well-preserved example of a Gau Sudetenland Honour Badge, of multi-piece construction, consisting of a nickel-silver oak leaf wreath bearing a gilded tombak NSDAP-style German national eagle clutching a swastika, wreathed joined together at the bottom by a raised date of “1938” and multi-coloured enamels stripes in the style of the Sudetenland flag, reverse plain with a barrel hinge and vertical pinback meeting a flat wire catch, with two visible rivets holding eagle in place, unmarked, measuring 44.x55mm, weighing 37.7 grams, in near extremely fine condition.


The Badge was instituted in January 1944, and was conferred upon individuals in Gau Sudetenland (district) who served in the Nazi Party during the Kampfzeit or “Time of Struggle” when the Nazis struggled to gain political power.

The Nazi Regime divided Germany into a series of districts of “Gaue” to facilitate nationwide Party administration.

Every Gau was administered by a Gauleiter or “District Leader.

In October of 1938, Southern Moravia became a part of Gau Ostmark (formerly Austria), Southern Bohemia was made a part of Bavaria, and what remained was proclaimed Gau Sudetenland. The Gauleiter of this area was Konrad Heinlein, and the headquarters were established at Reichenberg.

Despite the fact that the Badge was instituted fairly late in the war, it was produced and awarded. However, it is very rare.


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