High Seas Fleet Badge with Diamonds


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  • High Seas Fleet Badge with Diamonds Obverse
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  • High Seas Fleet Badge with Diamonds Detail

Estimated market value:

$35000 USD


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    Silver gilt/Silver/Diamonds
  • Image Licensing
    The image is attributed to Auction House Andreas Thies, Catalogue 51. See: https://www.andreas-thies.de/onTEAM/grafik/A51_257_288.pdf


The High Seas Fleet Badge was instituted on April 30, 1941 by the Commander-in-Chief of the Kriegsmarine, Grand Admiral Erich Raeder, and was conferred upon German military personnel who served on the battleships and cruisers of the high seas fleet. The badge could also be conferred upon the crew members of other vessels that played a role in supporting the operations of the high seas fleet.

Recipients were eligible for the badge after serving for a minimum of 12 weeks on a high seas fleet vessel, provided that they rendered exceptional service and had a good conduct record. The award could be given for a shorter service period if the recipient was wounded while on duty or had served on a ship that was destroyed by the enemy. The award was also conferred for particularly successful naval engagements, like the sinking of an enemy ship.

The badge was designed by marine painter Adolf Bock. The wreath is gilded, while the ship is silvered.

The date of institution of the Badge with Diamonds is unknown, and was likely never awarded. The High Seas Fleet never participated in a major naval engagement, and instead the fleet’s individual ships functioned as surface raiders, which for a time was very successful. It is possible that the Captains or senior officers of these vessels privately commissioned diamond-studded badges. However, it is more likely that this version was strictly a tentative award.


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