Legion Condor, Wound Badge, in Black (cut out)


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$250 USD

  • Wound Badge, in Black (cut out) Obverse
  • Wound Badge, in Black (cut out) Reverse
  • Wound Badge, in Black (cut out) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$250 USD


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    Blackened Iron
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    Only one badge in silver and only 182 in black were actually awarded to members of the Condor Legion. However, during WWII the Condor Legion style Wound Badge was still awarded next to the regular Wound Badge, which explains the high numbers found on the market today.

Physical Description and Item Details

(Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz). A Constructed of oval shaped bronzed metal (magnetic); cut-out version; the obverse pebbled with a Stahlhelm featuring a large mobile swastika on its side superimposed on crossed swords within a wreath of laurel wreaths with a tied bow at the bottom; the reverse plain with a vertical needle style pin, sheet metal hinge, and a round wire catch; measuring 38.55 mm x 43.90 mm; weighing 7.7 grams; in overall better than fine condition.


The Legion Condor Wound Badge was established on May 22, 1939, and was conferred upon German soldiers who voluntarily fought alongside Francisco Franco’s Nationalist forces during the Spanish Civil War.

The Badge is identical to the Wound Badges issued during the First World War, but they feature a swastika on the obverse.

The Badge was issued in three grades, gold, silver and black.

The Black Badge was awarded to recognise one or two injuries, and it was awarded a total of 182 times.


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