NSDAP Golden Party Badge, on Rune Star


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The NSDAP Golden Party Badge was established by Adolf Hitler on October 13th, 1933, and conferred upon all Nazi Party members who had a membership number below 100,000 and an unbroken service record. The Badge denoted early members (Alte Kämpfer) who joined before 1930, as well as those favoured by Hitler. Following the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, many Germans rushed to join the Nazi Party, and these new members were viewed as opportunists by the Old Guard, who had joined for ideological reasons. The standard Nazi party badge was deemed the “Angstbrosche” or “Badge of Fearfulness” by the Old Guards.

Each badge features a membership number on the reverse. The lower the serial number on the reverse, the higher the price of the badge.

The award was also awarded for outstanding service rendered to the party and state. If the Badge was awarded as a decoration, it features the initials “A.H.” on the reverse.

The Gold Badge was an adapted version of the standard red, white and black Party Badge, which featured a golden wreath that encircled the medal. The badge was issued in two different sizes: 30mm to be worn on a uniform, and 25mm to be worn on civilian clothing.

Adolf Hitler wore Golden Party Badge number 1. He would give the badge to Magda Goebbels on April 27th, 1945, three days before he committed suicide.

There are two official manufacturers of the badge, Deschler & Sohn and Joseph Fuess, both companies were based out of Munich.

There is limited information regarding the Badge, on Rune Star.


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