Technical Emergency Service Honour Badge

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  • Technical Emergency Service Honour Badge Obverse
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  • Technical Emergency Service Honour Badge Obverse
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  • country
  • date of institution
    April 2, 1935
  • remarks
    There are examples of these badges that have no maker mark, and badges that feature the maker mark of Wilhelm Fühner, Pforzheim. Badges marked "Karl Hensler, Pforzheim" are argued to be post-war fakes. The badge was awarded with an associated case of issue and document featuring the same number. When all three items are sold as a set, the price increases.


The Technical Emergency Service Honour Badge was introduced on April 2nd, 1935, and was conferred upon individuals who joined the TeNo between the years of 1919 and 1923, and rendered exceptional service to the organisation.

The Technical Emergency Service was founded during the tumultuous years of Weimar Republic and was composed of volunteer members who responded to strike emergencies in Germany. Following Adolf Hitler’s seizure of power, the organisation was transformed into a large emergency force with its own paid cadre. TeNo was eventually absorbed into the police organisation, and was later placed under the control of the SS. Ultimately the organisation became part of the general SS and filled the role of pioneering and engineering units.

The badge fell into disuse following the institution of the cuff title in 1936.

In 1944, the badge was revived and renamed the Loyal Service Badge of the Technical Emergency Service.

The reverse of the badges are numbered and feature the mark "GES.GESCH".


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    $650 USD

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    Bronze gilt/Enamelled

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    Wilhelm Fühner, Pforzheim

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Parteiabzeichen_Archive commented on Report | Click to reply above
Why is this fake award shown as genuine? The dealer, Mr. B.T of eMedals, knows full well that these are fake, he was informed about them in 2016 by the author of a new detailed book; Exposing Fake Militaria - The TeNo Ehrenzeichen. To perpetuate the lie that these horribly cast replicas are genuine can only serve to validate the many sales of such fakes on this dealers website IMHO. This begs the question, has Medalbook been set up to promote fake Third Reich Militaria?
AuspiciousClouds commented on Report | Click to reply above
Seems like a pretty bold statement to imply a whole website with this much information was set up simply to "promote fake Third Reich Militaria". Seems like a bit of an exaggeration in my opinion.
TrojanHorse commented on Report | Click to reply above
Good Evening - Just for the betterment and knowledge of this new and growing forum, from my experience on another prominent German TR forum, the book Exposing Fake Militaria - The TeNo Ehrenzeichen, which the user Parteiabzeichen_Archive is referring to has been largely discredited by the collector community. In fact, I had difficulty finding any positive review or supportive comment regarding the book. I personally would not put much stock in its factualness or validity. From my reading, the author has also been banned from a large number of forums due inappropriate behavior as well. Thx, TH
Parteiabzeichen_Archive commented on Report | Click to reply above
It was neither a statement nor an implication. It was, a question, and relates directly to this "information" you speak of. Simply hosting old images of items one dealer has sold, and proclaiming them genuine, with a value and a few words from the person that sold them, is far from what I would call information. I'd be inclined to call that nonsense. Money-making nonsense in this case. But let`s not jump the gun here, let`s wait and find out why a fake, sold as genuine by someone who was informed it was fake years ago, has not only been sold as genuine by that dealer after knowing it was fake, but why it has made a guest appearance here, on a site making some pretty bold claims about medals, and the people behind the site. For the greater good of the hobby, this needs to be nipped in the bud dali dali. Granted, the majority of dealers & collectors are only interested in stuffing their Xmas socks with bits and bobs from dealers, posting nonsense on the WAF and other cesspit fora without a care in the world for fairness, truth, facts or even reasonable discussion. Thankfully, however, we are not all like that.
Parteiabzeichen_Archive commented on Report | Click to reply above
Trojan Horse, I expected nothing less than utter BS, it took a few days but here it is. Unfortunately, you (I am assuming that you are Barry Turk himself, or an employee) don`t have a leg to stand on. It is a known fact that eMedals regularly uses the services of Dietrich Maerz, to examine and write CoAs for very expensive medals, Knights Cross` and the like. (and eMedals takes out full-page adverts in his collectors’ magazine) Therefore, eMedals accepts forensic evidence, microscopic examinations and the “opinions” of Dietrich Maerz. And rightfully so, as he offers more than just an opinion, doesn`t he. eMedals will also know that I am a published author, funnily enough published by Dietrich Maerz` 😊 and what is even funnier, is that the book, Exposing fake Militaria – the TeNo Ehrenzeichen, was sold by Dietrich when it first came out. I have never been discredited, and enjoy a stellar reputation among honest dealers and collectors. Of course, I get what the plan is here. It seems that this recent BLM Antifa and DNC nonsense of just trying to scream someone down you don`t agree with, and resort to inventing nonsense about them, has rubbed off on the Militaria world. What a shame. Never mind, we will get to the bottom of this one way or the other.

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