Technical Emergency Service Honour Badge


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  • Technical Emergency Service Honour Badge Reverse

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$650 USD


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    Karl Hensler, Pforzheim
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A textbook example of a third reich period TENO (Technical Emergency Help/Technische Nothilfe) honour badge; in bronze, with black and red enamels; a straight vertical pinback with a barrel hinge and a round wire catch; the pin maker marked “Karl Hensler, Pforzheim” and marked “Ges. Gesch.” and numbered “2294” on the reverse of the swastika enamel applique; measuring 49.5x36mm; weighing 19.1 grams; extremely fine condition.


The Technical Emergency Service Honour Badge was introduced on April 2nd, 1935, and was conferred upon individuals who joined the TeNo between the years of 1919 and 1923, and rendered exceptional service to the organisation.

The Technical Emergency Service was founded during the tumultuous years of Weimar Republic and was composed of volunteer members who responded to strike emergencies in Germany. Following Adolf Hitler’s seizure of power, the organisation was transformed into a large emergency force with its own paid cadre. TeNo was eventually absorbed into the police organisation, and was later placed under the control of the SS. Ultimately the organisation became part of the general SS and filled the role of pioneering and engineering units.

The badge fell into disuse following the institution of the cuff title in 1936.

In 1944, the badge was revived and renamed the Loyal Service Badge of the Technical Emergency Service.

The reverse of the badges are numbered and feature the mark "GES.GESCH".


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