Merit Decoration for the Eastern Peoples, I Class in Gold


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$400 USD

  • I Class in Gold Obverse
  • I Class in Gold Reverse
  • I Class in Gold Obverse
  • I Class in Gold Reverse
  • I Class in Gold Detail
  • I Class in Gold Detail

Estimated market value:

$400 USD


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    Zinc gilt
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Physical Description and Item Details

A “Verdienstauszeichnung für Angehörige der Ostvölker; 1. Klasse in Gold; in gilded zink with nearly all of its original gilding still intact; vertical pinback (unmarked); measuring 49.66 mm x 49.99 grams; weighing 23.0 grams.


The Decorations for Bravery and Merit of the "Eastern People" were founded on July 14th, 1942, to reward citizens from Soviet controlled countries such as Latvia, Lithuanian, Russia, and Estonia, who bravely served in German-sponsored military units. These individuals joined the German-sponsored units, as they wanted to help liberate their countries from Soviet rule.

The awards conferred for bravery featured crossed swords, while the decorations conferred for non-combat related meritorious services were issued without swords.

The I Class was worn as a breast star, while the II Class was worn suspended from a ribbon.


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