Naval Combat Badge of Small Battle Units, VII Class


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The Naval Combat Badge of the Small Battle Units was founded by Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz on November 30th, 1944, and was conferred upon members of the Small Battle Units (Kleinkampfverbände), a branch of the Navy which consisted of frogmen, one-man torpedoes, midget submarines and other unconventional combat devices. The branch was formed in fall of 1943, and the personnel or “K-Men” saw their first action at Anzio in April 1944.

The award was instituted in seven grades and was conferred based upon the number of actions an individual participated in.

A large majority of the metal clasps on the market were produced in the post-war period. Some of these versions feature wartime hinges and pins and may feature fake maker’s marks. The original clasps feature a swordfish with smooth fins, while the post-war version features a swordfish with ribbed fins.

Class VII was awarded to individuals who participated in ten or more actions.

It is unknown whether the metal clasps were actually issued.

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