Krim Shield, Luftwaffe/Air Force


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$150 USD

  • Krim Shield, Luftwaffe Obverse
  • Krim Shield, Luftwaffe Reverse
  • Krim Shield, Luftwaffe Obverse

Estimated market value:

$150 USD


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    Several makers are known to exist.
  • Composition
    Stamped Sheet Metal
  • Inscription
    Obv: 1941 1942 KRIM
  • Size
  • Version Remarks
    The Luftwaffe/Air Force shield has a blue-grey cloth backing.

Physical Description and Item Details

Constructed of bronze, on a Luftwaffe gray wool backer, with its backing plate and all four prongs intact on the reverse, with its paper backer partially preserved, measuring 62x73mm, uniform removed, in overall extremely fine condition.


The Shield was instituted on July 25th, 1942, in commemoration of those who participated in operations in the Crimea.

The Shield was conferred upon all members of the armed forces who rendered honourable service in battles that took place in the Crimea from September 21, 1941 to July 4, 1942, including the Breakthrough Battle of Perekop, the Breakthrough Battle of Juschun, the Crimean follow-up battles, the Breakthrough at Kerch, the first attack on Sevastopol, the Battle of Feodosiya, the defensive battles at Parpach, the Reconquest of the Kerch Peninsula, and the second attack on Sevastopol.

The colour of the cloth backing awarded with the Badge reflected the military service branch of the recipient; dark green (early) and field grey (late) for Heer/Army, blue-grey for Luftwaffe/Air Force, dark blue for Kriegsmarine/Navy, and black for Panzer Units. Specially manufactured khaki, tan, or white cloth backings were used for tropical or summer uniforms.

In order to receive an award, an individual had to have participated in at least one major engagement or had to have served in the area for at 3 months. However, if an individual had been wounded they could receive the award for a shorter period of time in the area.


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