German Academy for Aeronautical Research Decoration, Badge in Gold (1st pattern) Case of Issue

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The decoration was instituted by Hermann Göring in 1938, and conferred upon the elite members of the German Academy for Aeronautical Research.

The German Academy for Aeronautical Research was founded by Hermann Goring on July 24, 1936, with the goal of establishing an elite forum for the discussion of aeronautical science and technology. The Academy was established with the intention of conducting research of a purely scientific nature, but in 1940, the Academy’s research was refocused to center around the war effort, and they began to research rockets, nuclear energy, jet propulsion systems and more.

The badge was issued in three grades; the gold badge was issued to associate, ordinary and honorary members, the silver badge to supporting members, and the bronze badge to corresponding members.

The Academy had only 218 members and each badge features a membership number.

Each member received a regular sized and a miniature badge.

There are two models of the badge and they are differentiated by the suspension. The 1st pattern badge has a surmounting suspension with oak leaves that is attached to the main wreath by a mobile link. The 2nd pattern badge has a surmounting suspension with oak leaves that is soldered directly to the main wreath.

The Gold Badge was awarded to associate, ordinary and honourary members of the Academy.

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