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Airships were first developed in the form of static reconnaissance balloons and later as free-floating zeppelin-style aircraft. However, the development of comparatively cheap motor-powered airplanes eventually made the expensive, slow-moving, and highly inflammable airships easy targets for enemy pilots. During the course of the First World War, airships fell out of favour. Of the 500 men that served as airship crew members during the war, 79 were killed in action.

A badge for airship crew members was under development during the war, but when it ended, the effort was discontinued. However, based on these plans, an Army Airship Commemorative Badge was introduced by the Weimar Republic ministry of defence on August 1, 1920. It was awarded to any airship crew member who served in this capacity on the frontlines for at least one year. A document was issued and the recipients had to purchase the badges themselves. The badge could then be worn on the lower left breast.

The Army Airship Commemorative Badge features an oval wreath aligned horizontally, the upper part made of laurel and with a bow, the lower part made of oak leaves, both green lacquered. The cut-out centre features a silvered airship facing to the viewer’s left. The reverse usually features a pinback for attachment.

The badges measure roughly 70x40mm and weigh approximately 30 to 40g if they are solid. Hollow badges are only about half as heavy. They are made of silvered and lacquered brass.


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