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The Medal was founded by in 1835 Wilhelm II and was originally conferred upon soldiers from Prussia`s allied countries. As such, it was often awarded to individuals from other German States, as well as Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria during the First World War.

In 1889, the Medal was awarded for the first time to an African soldier. It was then suggested that a permanent award for Africa soldiers in German service be established.

In 1892, a German, rather than strictly Prussian Warrior Merit Medal was instituted and awarded in recognition of bravery. It was originally awarded primarily to askaris of East Africa, but was later extended to include all non-European troops serving in the armed German colonial forces.

The new German Medal was identical to the Prussian award.

The I and II Class Medals are physically differentiated by size.

In 1895, the I Class Gold Medal was added.


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